AIROS 8 Sequential Compression Device

High-Performance 8-Chamber Device for Upper & Lower Extremity Treatment

The FDA-cleared AIROS™ 8 Sequential Compression Device is an advanced compression therapy device utilized for the treatment and management of lymphedema and venous insufficiencies. The device provides effective intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy for both the upper and lower extremities. The AIROS 8 features two main therapy modes – Gradient Mode and Pressure Mode – that provide gradient sequential compression. The device provides cycles of compressed air at certain adjustable pressures to increase blood flow and encourage extracellular fluid clearance. When utilizing the Pressure Mode, the pressure in each chamber can be individually adjusted to accommodate different therapy needs.

Key Features:


  • Regulatory Clearances: FDA (510K Number K172779) & Medicare (HCPCS Code E0652); also reimbursable through commercial insurance

  • Usage Tracking: Built-in timer records total usage time to measure patient compliance

  • Easy Operation: Large, clear LCD screen and one button operation for starting and stopping therapy

  • Physical Benefits: Reduce pain and swelling, increase blood flow, move lymphatic fluid

  • Various Sizes of Comfortable Garments: 8 full leg sizes and 2 arm sizes available to comfortably fit patients (all utilize 8 individual chambers)

  • Lymphedema Preparation Treatment (LPT) Modes: Optional Clearing Mode (mimics lymphatic drainage) or Focal Mode (fibrotic tissue relief) can be used before main Gradient Mode or Pressure Mode therapy






Primary Operating Modes


Secondary Operating Modes(LPT)


Pressure Range (Gradient Mode)


Pressure Range (Pressure




Skip Chamber (Optional)


Cycle Time (Inflation)


Deflation Time


Therapy Time


Warranty (Device)


Alarms (Error Messages)


Air Blocker (Unilateral Therapy)



10.2” W x 10.5” D x 4.3” H


6.7 lbs.


Gradient or Pressure


Clearing or Focal


30-80mmHg (increments of 1mmHg)


35-80mmHg (increments of

1mmHg); Pressure settable in

each chamber


Yes, 1 Chamber


0 or 60 seconds


12 seconds


15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes


3 years




Included (1)


120 VAC, 60Hz, 100VA MAX

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